The VANTROS CV8 is one of our proudest ventures in the realm of preventive healthcare. In line with the objective of our ‘Healing Ministry’ and after years of funding into R&D in China and South Korea, we now announce the arrival of yet another ‘ultimate health and life preservation’ product: our CV8. Scientifically, it is a NUTRIENT POWERHOUSE tapped from rare 70-year-old KOREAN WILD GINSENG (authenticity certified) through our breakthrough CMC extraction technology.

The CV8 has the highest BIO-AVAILABILITTY due to the introduction of a unique delivery system. In ancient times, aged KOREAN WILD GINSENG (usually 70 years & above) were specially reserved for Emperors to prolong their lives and to keep them young. But today, with our cutting-edge technology we have made this ancient life-prolonging and health preservation secret even better, just for you and your family, at a fraction of the cost! Try it today and begin to feel like an EMPEROR!